Character Blog Roll- Getting to Know the Leader of the Guardianship

I have been invited to participate in a character blog roll by Carole Wolf ( for my most recent work in progress Fallen, the third in a series about a vampire hunter named Rachel Cross.  She is the leader of an ancient sisterhood of vampire hunters known as the Guardianship.  The Guardians serve the Morrigan and uphold an ancient treaty between the Guardianship and an ancient council of vampires to protect the Innocent.

1). What is the name of your character, and is he/she fictional or a historical person?

Her name is Rachel Cross and she is fictional.

2). When and where is the story set?

Rachel’s world is set in modern day and over the span of three books so far, locations vary from New Jersey, New York City/New York State, New Orleans and 300-ish A.D. Britain.

3). What should we know about him/her?

Rachel is a descendant of Ceallach, the original leader of the Guardianship.  Orphaned at the age of six when a Master vampire murdered her older sister, Rachel was raised by a Guardianship-appointed minder named Alex, a vampire.  In the first book, Ascension, she makes the transition from Guardianship trainee to leader, facing many hard decisions and sacrifices.  In Fallen, Rachel is being hunted by the very sisterhood she fights for.

4). What is the main conflict, and what messes up his/her life?

After a betrayal that costs Rachel the lives of those close to her, she commits murder and goes on the run, knowing she’ll be tried for treason and murder by the Guardianship’s Tribunal.  Delilah Henderson, Rachel’s former mentor, is brought out of retirement to find her before the Tribunal can.  Taken to the brink of insanity, Rachel finds solace and protection in a former Guardian named Erin Barnes.  It’s not long before they’re found by the Guardianship and pulled back into service one final time, to fight an evil that threatens to destroy the Guardianship and everything they hold dear.

5). What is the personal goal of the main character?

Rachel wants to live in peace and forget about the Guardianship but it’s not her fate.  She’s a warrior, through and through, and there will be no rest for her until she finishes the fight.

6). Is there a working title for this novel, and can we read more about it?

The title is ‘Fallen’.  It is the third in a series of books that started with the as-yet-published Ascension.  Ascension will be published via Amazon within the next week to two weeks.  The second book, Hunted, I’m hoping to have done for a late fall/early winter 2014 release.

7). When can we expect the book to be published?

I am hoping for a summer/fall 2015 release for Fallen.  It may or may not be the last we see of Rachel Cross.

Thank you to Carole Wolf for tagging me.  You can find her on Facebook at

Melissa Grace, you’re it!  Be sure to read Tainted Elite, one hell of a thrill ride, by Melissa Grace.


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